Company Detail Information

Number of Employees : 50-100

Industry : IT - Software Services

Company Vision and Mission

Dana Bhone Phyo Co.,Ltd is committed to enhancing the trustworthy value by strengthening our market position, providing the quality service by expanding our operations and developing strategic core businesses.
Increasing security awareness and changing business needs are affecting the way that our strategic core businesses operate.
With our integrated offering of services and products, we are well positioned today to respond to the need for innovative and flexible solutions.
We constantly explore and research the technology to ensure our Products and solutions to meet the customers' satisfaction.
Not only for the goal we achieve but now we deliver the world-class diversity service package with Trust and Integrity to customers.

Our objective is to leverage our project management and engineering competences to achieve growth by offering our customers new and innovative solutions.
Our digital transformation will provide increased customer value and optimised performance.
Our growth ambitions are supported by our superior global service network.
Our effort is delivery of highly professional, efficient and flexible service and achievement of "win_win" situations with our customers and business partners.