Company Detail Information

Number of Employees : 50-100

Industry : Furniture / Furnishings / Home Decor

Company Vision and Mission

Golden Enchant is the import company which is bringing world class quality products of mattress, beds and SOFA to Myanmar Modern Living Style. We are the exclusive dealers of the world renowned brand one of the leading Luxury Furniture in Myanmar. We are complete production factory doing OEM for Europe country. Our products are highly quality of Luxury Furniture which is strict quality control system for Germany. All the fashionable and comfortable designs by the Italy, Germany and France.All the Designare based on human body structure which will support head, neck and backside of your body for a better relaxation. Our Brand Sofa have 20 years of history and more than 800 stories in 56 countries all over the world . Our Base Structure material was using lots of latex, goose feather which are important for Italy and Belgium. Tenet of Enchant. Quality of Survival. We keep every material visible from our product and 8 year quality guarantee

What We Do

Construction Project, Corporate, B 2 B, B 2 C, Retails, Channel, Development, Hotel, Retails, Villa Housing