Company Detail Information

Number of Employees : 1000-10000

Industry : Group of Companies

Company Vision and Mission

Our mission is to be the BEST IN THE INDUSTRIES where we belong and to MAINTAIN EXCELLENCE by providing world class quality products and services to our customers. We impart significant knowledge and skills, as well as provide worthwhile employment to our employees.

We will invest in industries where we can best serve society so that we can contribute towards the country’s development and at the same time achieve a significant return for the company.

We envision Capital Diamond Star Group to be the first choice in the mind of our customers and to be the leading global vendor partner in providing quality products and services for both the Myanmar and the regional markets.

We will create caring and responsible employees working within a corporate culture of INTEGRITY with unwavering focus on CUSTOMER SERVICES, THE COMMUNITY and THE ENVIRONMENT.

Our efforts will result in the success of our customers, the well-being of all shareholders and the enhancement of Myanmar as key players in the global economic community.

Company Workplace and Culture

Started in 1960s as a small trading business, the Group has since grown to become one of the leading enterprises in Myanmar.
The Group has diversified business interest, including Food & Beverage, other FMCG Manufacturing and Distribution, Retail, Real Estate, Pharmaceutical Distribution, Automotive, Insurance and etc.

What We Do

"Prominent Conglomerate with Multi-sectoral Presence"
CDSG is one of Myanmar’s most respected and prominent conglomerates. CDSG can trace its roots back to a small trading outift started in the 1960s. Since then, CDSG has grown into a diversified conglomerate with a presence spanning multiple sectors, including:

(1) Food
(2) Retail
(3) Real Estate
(4) Healthcare
(5) Financial, Portfolio Investment and Other Services