Company Detail Information

Number of Employees : 500-1000

Industry : Shipping / Freight

Company Vision and Mission

To be No.1 freights Forwarding Company in Myanmar.

Company Workplace and Culture

"Service information"
Inland & International Trucking Service
· Provide trucking service for import / export freights between factory and Yangon port.
· Establish collaborative relationship with various truckers in Myanmar
· Provide border transportation service from Kunming, China to Bangkok, Thailand
· Secure visibility using GPS-based tracing service

What We Do

Hanjin, the leading logistics provider in Korea, has provided quality logistics and distribution services for Korean Garment companies in Cambodia since 2008, offering services including freight forwarding, inland trucking, KAL GSA, and customs clearance agency service.
· The company provides services for numerous companies including major apparel companies such as ‘H’, ‘S’ and ‘Y’.
· As GSA for Korean Airline, the company is the exclusive distributor for all export forwarders whose airline export cargos originate from Cambodia.
※ GSA : General Sales Agent

In 2010, Hanjin has established local operating bases at Ho Chi Minh and Hai Phong in Vietnam and provided extensive logistics services in the Indochina Peninsula region, including Cambodia-Vietnam border transportation and global 3PL distribution services for ‘L’ business group.
· Developed special transportation operation between Cambodia and Vietnam and is currently working on Border Trucking Service project with the goal of establishing direct logistics network connecting China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Myanmar.

Hanjin has expanded the network with the new office in Jakarta commencing operation in 2012, offering freight forwarding and inland trucking services in the region. Hanjin continued to expand, opening office in Myanmar in January 2014, and will provide stable distribution services to meet the rapidly increasing logistics needs of international companies in Myanmar.

With wealth of business experience and accumulated operational expertise, Hanjin aims to maximize customers’ satisfaction by continuously expanding its logistics and distribution network and providing diverse and reliable services to meet their needs as well as contributing to growth of logistics industry in the region.