Company Detail Information

Number of Employees : 100-500

Industry : Media / Publishing / TV / Radio / Outdoor / Digital

Company Vision and Mission

CANAL+ Myanmar FG Ltd has been created from the partnership between Forever Group and CANAL+ GROUP and is dedicated to commercialization and marketing of new Pay-TV services with an exclusive offer of channels including channels locally produced combined with third-party international channels targeting all market segments (movies, family, education…).

The partnership between CANAL+ GROUP AND FOREVER GROUP is the union of two main TV experts.

FOREVER GROUP is a major actor of TV in Myanmar

Company Workplace and Culture

Our culture is to provide actions favorable to our employees' development – first by providing intense training plan, but also by encouraging fast and original career evolutions.
Working for TV&Entertainment = Fun, Professionalism, & Passion!

Why You Should Join Us ?

By integrating our teams, you will be able to enrich yourself with passionate professionals and live a multiplicity of experiences. Our employees are bold, creative, courageous and leading personalities. Having personality at CANAL + is a quality!

What We Do

CANAL+ Myanmar FG Ltd proposes over 75 channels with a variety of thematic including:

- 8 new and exclusive ¬ channels designed for Myanmar customers as well as
- 25 channels only available on ¬CANAL+
- 45 channels aired for the first time in Myanmar

This new PAY TV focuses on new and innovative content at a very affordable price.

CANAL+ Myanmar FG Ltd develops all the services necessary to enable its customers to enjoy the CANAL+ Offer more effectively:

- a wide distribution network in all Myanmar country to enable customers to have contacts for commercial, technical, customer care …
- a customer care service available 7 days per weeks, dedicated to assisting CANAL+ customers in their perfect usage of the CANAL+ offer
- CANAL+ STORES where the client will be able to discover the high quality of CANAL+ offer with the perfect assistance of CANAL+ teams
- the latest generation of TV equipment in DTT & DTH which will bring to customers houses a high quality of reception (HD), an easy way of installation, a large range of services CANAL+ Myanmar FG Ltd creates strong partnership with the bests retails networks in Myanmar for TV consumers goods, strong providers of payment solution and convenience stores ...